Bought a new house recently and the yard was bare and had the desert feel to say the least. I work out of town so there was not a whole lot of time to fix up the pretty bland yard that I had inherited. My girls kept harping on me about a yard so I definitely wanted to make them happy. My neighbor had just got some yard work and concrete done by Elite and so I called them up. Mark was amazing was quick to respond and was quick to be available and address my bland yard. He is super flexible, professional, always on time or even before, always willing to help or fine tune and idea, and I was able to throw out many of my ideas to him and his staff over FaceTime, it was definitely something I am sure he has never done. With that being said he and his staff created everything I wanted to a T. The concrete work to the sprinkler system, the trees, and even the lightening I had done all are phenomenal. I'm extremely impressed that he and his staff were able to take a simple idea and make it gorgeous. I can't thank them enough for how amazing house looks because of their work, it is truly awesome. They definitely went above and beyond and I just can't thank them enough.
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